Dr. Kenneth Hoffman Tribute

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It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Dr. Kenneth M. Hoffman, age 76 years, who died unexpectedly on June 13th, 2021.
He is preceded in death by his late wife, Sandy and he is survived by his wife, Deb; 3 adult children, Kevin, Lara, & Sara; 3 grandchildren; and his beloved poodle, Bernie.
Dr. Hoffman joined Dr. Kopack & Dr. Shelton at Chesapeake Pediatrics in 1975 after graduating from University of Maryland School of Medicine. He practiced for 39 years at Chesapeake Pediatrics until his retirement in 2014.
He was loved by his patients, staff, colleagues, family and friends.
Over the years, he enjoyed mentoring rotating medical students and one of his greatest enjoyments was challenging his own pediatric patients with solving math problems.
Dr. Hoffman was passionate and unwavering in his beliefs about religion and politics, which he unabashedly displayed on his car with his numerous bumper stickers. He always enjoyed a good debate or discussion, especially during the recent current political climate.
Despite being a Baltimore native, he detested crabs, but he loved his variety of Tastykakes. He was a dedicated Tastykake lover, and he never missed a day of eating one with his lunch in his 40 years at the office. He also loved and couldn’t resist a well-known Annapolis staple, Carlson’s doughnuts.
He had a great sense of humor in a laid back and easy-going manner. He could put on a pair of fairy wings for a Halloween costume and at the same time, he couldn’t resist good-heartedly poking fun at others.
Dr. Hoffman had a love for life. He was a genuinely kind and generous human being. Someone recently best expressed the passing of Dr. Hoffman, encompassing who he was as a person: “a good soul has just left this earth”.
Dr. Hoffman is a legacy who will always be remembered. We will miss him.

If you have any memories or messages you would like to pass along to his family, you can email ccoyner@chesapeakepediatrics.com




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