Perry Shelton

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Dr. Shelton

Chesapeake Pediatrics: 1969-2011


Retirement update:

OK, here is my retirement blog. First and last.

I have discovered that retirement is very much like early childhood except your playmates are older and mostly less active. The best time is when the grandchildren arrive and I get routinely beaten at everything except chess. Even then I have to pay attention or the ten year old will be shouting “checkmate” with glee and jumping up and down. At the “Wi”, I am hopeless.

I help my 97 year old father-in-law with a few things like lunch and fixing the TV. It’s amazing what pushing random buttons on the remote will do to a TV. And I drive him to doctors appointments with the new hand controls on my car.

I have plenty of time for fun things, but I still think about you and some of you I still worry about. Please listen to your doctors, not a movie star, for your medical advice. Get your vaccines!


Dr. Perry Shelton

Feb. 11, 2015

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