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Dr. Kopack
Chesapeake Pediatrics: 1964-2006




Our deepest condolences to the Kopack family. Dr. Kopack passed away peacefully, Thursday, November 14th 2013, with his family around him. Dr. Kopack is a legacy who will never be forgotten. He was one of the first pediatricians to establish a practice in the Annapolis area and practiced for 42 years. He was loved by all and he will be greatly missed by his family, patients, colleagues, friends, and many others.



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Dr. Kenneth Hoffman:I am saddened to report the death of the founding partner of our practice, Dr. Frank Kopack. I owed a great debt of gratitude for his bringing me into our practice and for his warm friendship throughout our professional lives together. There are thousands of children now grown up who must have wonderful memories of their time with him.

Laura Kopack O’Liddy:To all my friends and those that loved my Dad, Dr. Frank Kopack, I thank each & everyone of you that showed up to pay your last respects to a wonderful Man.

I was so touched by each patient that approached me with their very special story they had to tell about my Dad! I’m so proud!

I was so very lucky to have worked with my Dad for so many years, but nothing can compare to the recent personal time we spent together for our “lunches” together! He so looked forward to that & so did I! It will probably take awhile for me to get used to not going a couple times a week, it was such a part of my routine, miss you Dad!

Thank You to Bonnie & her husband Tommy for having all the family over for a beautiful lunch reception to honor my Dad! We laughed & toasted my Dad with the “Wild Turkey” he so loved! It was a great tribute to a wonderful Husband, Father, Brother, Grandfather, Greatgrandfather & Pediatrician!

Thank You Dad.

All My Love,
Laura Jane.

Patty DePaul Kemp: Dr. Kopack was not only the Doctor for all three of my girls from the day after their birth until they were grown women but, also my guiding light to raising them. He was so much more than a Doctor. He was loving, caring, kind and full of wonderful advice on raising children. He was my rock when my girls were growing up and I was lost for a long time after he retired. He assured me he was leaving us in good hands with Doctor Coyner and she lived up to his word. My girls are now grown 19, 22, 29. We all loved Doctor Kopack.

Mike Wilkinson: I was one of the first patients Dr. Kopack had back when his office was in West Annapolis and continued when he moved it to Forest Dr. For 18 years he took care of my sister and I for everything from an ear infection to chronic childhood asthma. Dr. Kopack even met my parents at his office on a Sunday when they were closed, just to sew up my cut leg. Thank you Doc.

From AAMC in honor of Dr. Frank Kopack:It is with sadness and fond memories that we inform you of the passing of a retired member of our Medical Staff, Dr. Frank Kopack. Frank graduated cum laude from the University of Scranton and received his M.D. from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. He completed his pediatric residency at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and served as a military pediatrician for eight years. After his honorable discharge, Frank opened his solo pediatric practice and joined the AAMC medical staff on August 27, 1964. Over his decades of service to the community other doctors joined him to create what is now Chesapeake Pediatrics. Frank served as the Chief of the Pediatric Service from 1977-1980. He has cared for many thousands of Annapolis children and reassured their parents with his soft rumbling voice and wisdom. Frank retired June 25, 2006 at which time he was granted Emeritus status by the medical staff.

Sheri, Austin, Andrew and Eric Poretz:Frank was a modest and engaging person, but he knew his specialty well and practiced it with distinction. Over his 42 years in practice he worked with many hundreds of physicians, earning our respect with his dedication to his patients and his professionalism. It was no surprise that he took care of many of our own children. It was an honor to be his colleague and friend. He will be missed. Henry Sobel, M.D. Joe Moser, M.D

Dr. Kopack took care of all three of my boys from birth until he retired. He was a wonderful physician and very caring. He took the time to answer my questions as a new mom and always gave wonderful advice. My boys were so sad when he retired – they called him “Dr. Popack” when they were younger and didn’t want anyone else to take care of them. I still share his wisdom with my colleagues and will always be appreciative of his care. It was evident that he always enjoyed his chosen profession , and that is what endeared him to so many people.


Sheri, Austin, Andrew and Eric Poretz

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